Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Having a website is one thing, having it found by those searching online for your product or service, is another. Organic search results account for 51% of all website traffic. Are you getting your share?

In 1994, when we began our business, SEO was not a concern and in fact, Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, today’s 3 top Search Engines, were yet to be born.  Back then, the three “biggies” were AltaVista, Lycos, and Look Smart, names that you may not even recognize.  Over the years Search Engine Optimization (SEO) came into existence as the Internet grew at an incredible pace.  Over the years a lot has changed, but one of the few things that remain the same today, as back in 1994, is that a search engine still returns 10 results per page. The difference being back then there may have been a few hundred or even a thousand possible returns, and making it on the First Page was not difficult, compared to today, where there are still 10 results per page, but now there are millions of businesses fighting to gain that ever important First Page Position.  Today, unless your website is Optimized properly, it’s nearly impossible to show on the First Page for quality Search Phrases.  In fact it’s not uncommon to find a website on page 10 or below, with most people never going beyond page 2, resulting in you not being considered.

Compared to Pay-Per-Click positioning on the First Page, SEO is what the industry terms as “Organic” whereby you earn you positioning within the Search Engine, rather than buying it through PPC.  The end result being that Organic Positioning is by far the first choice and least expensive.

Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, have specific requirements that must be met to place on the First Page. Whether you target market is local, region or national, we have the expertise and experience to get you to the First Page and keep you there.

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